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    Televzr is the best solution for downloading your favorite videos from the most popular platforms. It comes with an amazing usable free version with no ads and allows you to download from the web in the fastest and more convenient way.

    Support of Multiple Formats

    Televzr supports a wide range of different video formats and resolutions. We recommend downloading MP4 and 3GP formats as the most convenient choice, but all the most popular video formats can be used. In the pro version, you can download a video in mp3 to get the music file.

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    Hi speed performance

    With Televzr video downloader you can set speed and resolution of your downloads so that you can customize the process according to needs and situation. From the settings you can also transform vp9 codec to x264 in the case you intend to record on a cd.

    Multipath downloading

    In order to choose the destination folder where you want to download video, simply enter the desired path from the settings page, that enable to assign multiple paths for different downloads.

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