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Televzr is the best video player for windows currently available online and it comes without ads, designed to satisfy even the most demanding user. It can play all the most popular audio and video formats and it comes with an elegant and clean and feature-rich interface with super intuitive commands.

Video player for pc

Televzr app is much more than a simple video player software, it is the complete solution for collecting your favorite media and store them into a complete media library collection. Televzr video player automatically detects the most information such IMBD info and other various info as source, title, duration, year, and artists and place it beside the correspondent thumbnail of your media file. Moreover, it will automatically sort your media by type, dividing them into music, movies, tv shows, clips. With this perfect organizer, you will have all your media library visible at a glance! With Televzr you can create as many playlists as you wish, choosing your media content from your computer or downloading music and videos from the web, in just one click.

Televzr is the best video player for Windows currently available on the web. It allows you to enjoy all your favorite media in a clean and customizable interface, designed for the most satisfying user experience. With Televzr media player you can manage and organize all the videos, TV shows, music, clips, and other media stored on your computer and easily play them at your convenience. Televzr will automatically detect and sort all the existing media files from your PC and will display them by categories on the dashboard, automatically showing titles and main data such as IMDB info. Of course, you can also add or delete files manually. Everything is in one place and sorted in the most convenient way, in a compact and smart framework.

You can also use this amazing video player for Windows to easily download video or other media from the major online platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion, and Facebook, as well as over 700 other hosting services. Just paste a link to the page and click to download in order to get the file saved to your computer and automatically added to your personal media library collection.

With Televzr you can create as many playlists as you wish, choosing your media content from your computer or downloading music and videos from the web, in just one click. Having your media content to hand and playing it in high quality has never been so simple!

Download the video player today to try out its exceptional functionality and shape your personal media universe the way you want. Televzr supports all the most popular formats for video and audio files, including mp4, mp3, avi, mov, mkv, flv, but also webm, wmv, vob, mpeg1, mpeg2, mts, ogg, asf, 3gp and many others!

Player features

With Televzr for Windows you can

Play any video or audio file on your computer

Televzr media player for Windows is designed to support all main media formats, such as mp4, mkv, avi, mov, flv but also webm, wmv, vob, mpeg1, mpeg2, mts, ogg, asf, 3 gp.

Customize your player interface

Televzr for Windows comes with a flexible interface that can be adjusted according to your preference. From the settings you can easily switch between light, dark, or seasonal theme anytime. You can also choose your language from a wide range of supported languages.

Download and convert video from the web

You can download media from the major platforms including youtube, vimeo, twitter and facebook and add it to your personal library collection to enjoy it anytime you wish!

Organize your media files into playlists

With Televzr for windows you can create unlimited playlists to quickly shape your desired media experience according to your mood or for specific purposes, in just one click!

media, organize your library & play

Download HD and 4K from the top media websites, keep and watch them in one app

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