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Enjoy any video from Twitter directly on your device anytime and from everywhere. Televzr twitter downloader is the ultimate solution for downloading your favorite videos and tweet and save them in any most popular format and resolution. Televzr Twitter video downloader app makes any download possible!

What Televzr Twitter downloader can do?

Televrz is the best video twitter downloader app currently available online. It will save any tweet or video to your computer or mobile phone and help you to organize all your media creating your own customized library collection. From the intuitive interface of Televzr app you can easily search your video and save it in a click, according to your preferred settings. Just open the Twitter page with the video you want to save and copy the url link from the address browser bar. Then simply go to your Televzr dashboard and click on the blue button “download or add” from the left side menu. Now just paste the Twitter url on the search input field located on the tab “download from the web”. Televzr will immediately find the page and display a green download button above or beside the video preview. Click on it to see the available options for the download then start to run the downloading process. The downloaded files will be saved in the downloads folder of your device by default, but you can also choose the destination folder from Televzr interface setting page and change it anytime you want.


Televzr app is a complete solution for downloading and managing your videos and it is:

Twitter video download formats

You can download video from Twitter in such formats as:


MP4 is a versatile, popular digital container format created by Apple. It can store audio, video, text and subtitles and it was developed for low-bandwidth compression, resulting in a lower quality of the output comparing to other compression formats but small size.


MKV is another multimedia container format. It was created in Russia especially for shows and movies and it is open-source format.

With quality...

340p, 420p, 720p, 1080p Full HD, 4K QHD, and others available on Twitter.

How to download video from Twitter?

  1. Open a video you want to download in your browser
  2. Copy the video link (URL) from the browser address bar
  3. Click on the +Add new files button in the Televzr menu
  4. Paste the video link to the field
  5. Click the Download button and choose a quality

Install Televzr Video Downloader and watch videos even if you are not online

With Televzr you can enjoy all your favorite Twitter videos on your computer or mobile devices anytime and from anywhere, even without an internet connection. All you have to do is to install Televzr on your computer and you will be able to easily play, add, and manage all your media content from your new personal library collection.

Televzr is easy, and safe! It comes with a clean and customizable interface that enables you to easily download new videos from Twitter and play them at your convenience. This compact and great app is much more than a simple downloader, it is a complete solution that helps you to manage and organize your videos.

Your added files will be automatically sorted into clips, TV shows, movies, and music. Televzr will also automatically detect the main information available for your video so that you have a complete overview of your collection at a glance and you will be able to find what you are looking for easily. Everything perfectly organized. Televzr is also fully customizable and allows you to easily create unlimited playlists.

Build up your media universe the way you want in just a few clicks and bring your media experience to the next level!

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