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During installation the Apple Mac says "...cannot be opened because Apple cannot check it for Malicious software..." and indicates the developer needs to update Televzr.

Apple issues this message if the application is not also available in the Apple Mac App Store and so Apple has not certified the application. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the application just Apple cannot state it has tested it.

If you have downloaded Televzr from our servers and are confident that you have a legitimate copy you can bypass the message.

To bypass and install or run Televzr either:

1.Immediately after getting the message go to

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> click “Open Anyway”

Select Open Anyway to continue the installation.

2.Right Click Televzr.

Instead of double clicking on Televzr to open or left clicking, just right click and press Open.

You will get the notice “Can’t be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software.” however you will now get the option to open Televzr.

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How to display information of a movie in Televzr?

When you are playing a movie using Televzr, you are not only enjoying high quality resolution and an elegant and user-friendly interface, but you can also have access to all the relevant IMDb information about your movie.

What is Televzr media player?

Televzr is a feature-rich and flexible solution designed to play all kind of videos and music in a user-friendly and powerful interface. All what you have to do is to install Televzr on your computer and run the program.

How to create a playlist in Televzr?

Televzr offers the possibility to create unlimited playlists, using any media file available in the library. Playlists can be the best way to organize your music tracks, but also to group any media item, including videos and movies from your digital collection.

How to search video by name in Televzr media player?

Televzr is designed to automatically sort your videos by categories and keep your digital library collection always in order and easily accessible. All the video files are divided into clips, movies and tv shows, according to content type.


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